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Yaboos Charity Society and the Right to Play Foundation organized the activities of the 2017 Global Campaign for Education in Gaza

Gaza-YCS- Mohammed Edwan

Yabous Charity Association and the Right to Play Foundation organized a 150-meter wall event with the participation of 250 children by the sea in Gaza City. The event was attended by a number of community figures, media, artists and civil society organizations  Yaboos and the Right to Play Foundation in partnership with 10 local community organizations are launching and implementing the campaign in Gaza  . The project aims at promoting  the environment of education, participation and positive development of Palestinian children and youth in the Gaza Strip.

The Global Education Campaign (GEC) aims to end the education crisis in the world and to ensure that States ensure that everyone has the right to general and free public education,

 Ahmed Muammar, coordinator of the project in Yabous Association, said that this activity is part of a series of activities which have been implemented. These activities include  awareness sessions for children and school broadcasts in a number of schools in the Gaza Strip, in addition to printing and publishing brochures awareness of the objectives of the project and the campaign. He pointed out that the project is ongoing and includes many activities and events that will be implemented in the  up coming period to achieve the objectives of the project, calling for more collaborative serious work to achieve the objectives of the campaign, which carries the slogan "Defend for education … Time to Act."By the end of his statement, Muammar  thanked those who participated in the success of this event.