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Yaboos Institute finishes its strategic plans for the years 2017, 2018, and 2019.

The board of directors has certified the final edition of the strategic plan for Yaboos Institute for the three coming years. The plan was put on July 2016 at one of the projects to reinforce the civil community institutes to reduce poverty that is conducted by Islamic Relief Palestine. The project is funded by FORUM SYD and consists of  many developmental activities for the institute. Spectrum institute has supervised the process of writing the plan for Yaboos as it was agreed upon by the directors, chairman of the institute, and projects coordinators. The plan has four main objectives. Reduce, poverty, achieve sustainable development in the society, securing better environment for children, reinforcing the role of youth in the society and developing and building the capacity of the institution and its partners in work. Each objective is considered under one of the project that is being conducted by the institute in the upcoming years. The institute will make sure that this plan goes as planned through funding this plan by partners and its donors.