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A delegate from temporary job creation project for the Gaza Strip youth visit Yaboos.

A delegate from IOCC in Gaza, Nael Younis programs chef, Ahmed Tayeh the coordinator of the project, Hytham Saleh the coordinator of Rafah and Ms. Rita the projects chef in the Peace Winds Japanese Institute visited Yaboos institute where the chairman of the institute Mr. Ihab abu Zaid, Mr. Haytham Aqel the executive manager    along with the members of administration hosted the delegate generously. Yaboos has presented the activities of the project that is being conducted in partnership with IOCC for the delegate . The activities include raising awareness for children and woman in marginalized areas of the importance of having services for mothers and children. The animators were trained on conducting these kind of activities for women and adolescents along with holding more than one workshop during the three month duration.