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Yaboos Institute concludes rehabilitating Israeli war-affected houses project 2014.

Yaboos has concluded the project of rehabilitating the Israeli war affected houses in partnership with Al Taw'an institute and funded by Al Asfari Institue. During this project, 51 war affected houses in 2014 were rebuilt in different areas of Rafah. Yaboos institute coordinated with official bodies to get a list of those whose houses were damaged like UNRWA and the Ministry of Public Work. The restoration process aimed to make the houses inhabitable where 51 families were restored life in their houses.  The process also rebuilt the ceilings, walls, tiles, kitchens, bathrooms along with doors and windows.) It is also worth-mentioning that beneficiaries of this project were 259 people including 188 child and this is the second project conduct in the same field by Yaboos in partnership with Al Taawon Institute, as we consider Al Taawan as one of the important partners for our institute.